The Power Game


Dearest Mummy,

I’ve noticed lately that you’ve changed. I’ve seen you trying to exert some sort of authority over me and almost believing that you’ve done it. Well… er… you so haven’t.

You might think I am not fully wise to your tricks but what do you think we talk about all day at pre-school? I was only regaling my crew with your predictable tactics the other day! It seems you need it spelling out…

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This time last year…

**Well actually it was more like 14 months ago but it didn’t have quite the same ring to it as a title so sue me ;)**

This time ‘just over’ a year ago we were jetting off on holiday to Cyprus. Septembers final fling with the diabolical summer that we had.

A chance for F to experience his first true taste of beach life, far away from the cold grey waters of home. A chance for us to spend so much time in and out of the water that we hardly have any shots of us in clothes.


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An open letter to Postman Pat

Dear Pat,

I have tried to contact you via the Royal Mail but they are under the illusion that Greendale is a fictional place – what’s up with that?! You may find this letter a tad harsh but I feel I need to write to address you directly as your friends, family and colleagues seem unwilling or unable to give you any constructive feedback.

Lets cut to the chase. You are crap at your job and I have absolutely no idea how you managed to blag your promotion to Head of Special Delivery Services. You consistently lose, damage and/or open parcels you have been entrusted to deliver which is both stupid and illegal. Before you protest I have listed a few examples of your incompetence that have particularly riled me.

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The Boys


My little Pirates! It’s been quite a while since i did a post on you two. This blog was meant to be a bit of an online diary but somehow it’s manifested into….well i don’t know really, just a place with random ranty spiel i suppose. Anyway, so i feel bad that i don’t mention the most important people in my life just a little bit more! Here we go then….

Little Mr. F wow your loud! You have an answer for everything, is there, um, anything you don’t know? The backchat has already began ‘No i won’t! you do it!’ We are probably shouldn’t laugh and I’m sure it will come back to bite us on our bums but you look so cute stomping your feet and announcing each word with an extra dollop of ‘spirit’.

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Breastfeeding Bribery B*llocks

You can’t make this shit up can you?

Seriously, seriously, who in their right mind thought ‘I know, if we can’t convince mothers to breastfeed any other way why not bribe them?’ HURRAH!

I have problems with this scheme on many levels.

1. It’s not going to fricking work! In order to breastfeed you need to want to breastfeed. It’s the same as with giving up smoking, if the motivation is not there then you will never succeed.

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The A-Z of me

I’ve not been following her fabulous blog for that long so i was honored to be tagged in ‘the A-Z of me’ by the lovely Suzanne over at 3 Children & It! You should check it out, it’s a great read. The idea is to find out a little more about the person behind the blog. It was a bit of a challenging one but here we go……

PicMonkey Collage

A is for Artistic – I’ve always been a bit creative, i don’t have much time for that outlet right now but i love to draw, paint, create – also to write which is part of the reason i started this blog.

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The difficult second date

So the first date was a success! We pumped ourselves full of reconstituted chicken and gave birth to a fireman teddy bear. Pretty perfect, but difficult to top.


Last week we finally managed to find a window of opportunity to get out on our own again and this time i was eager to take Little F to the cinema for the first time. Over the last 6 months he has actually started to enjoy watching a bit of television and on discovering the Disney Cars film he actually sat and watched it all – amazing!! Over an hour of sitting! Just sitting, not moving, SITTING! I was gobsmacked.

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Is swearing in front of your kids ever ok?

app-1294708908-swearing-kidI like a good swear – bloody, bollocking, fuckity fuck. There we go.

Sometimes it’s needed, sometimes it’s necessary. I’m not a huge fan of swearing for swearing sake i.e ‘i’m going to have beans on fucking toast‘. Not really needed or necessary but hey ho, each to their own.

What I’m less keen on is people swearing at, or in front of, their children.

I guess you could say it’s none of my business if people choose to swear in front of ‘their’ kids but when those 3 year old kids start telling my son to ‘fuck off‘ at pre-school it makes me a teeny tiny bit angry.

Now i’m not perfect, i’ve let the odd one slip out from time to time. Little F, or old eagle ears, as we like to call him, has heard and repeated me.

‘Bugger mummy – whats bugger?’

‘No um chugger – i said CHUGGER,  as in Chuggington, i think it might be on cbeebies soon, choo choo – YAY!’

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Where I Live


I grew up by the seaside. In the summer holidays we went to the beach pretty much everyday and spent a lot of that time messing about on lilo’s in the waves. In my head is was always hot and sunny although my mum tells me it really wasn’t.

Days by the sea make me think of Cornetto’s, hot tar pavements burning your feet, the hum of planes in the sky, the yes and no game, salt and vinegar smells in the air from the chip stalls, greengages, egg sandwiches, Robinsons squash warmed by the sun, Nina’s gift shop, lilo surfing and Mint Feasts. Happy times.

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The Baby Led Weaning Police

***First off i just want to clarify that this is not a post to bash all people who BLW – just some of them ;)***

Lets cut to the chase, being the lazy mama that i am, i was dreading weaning the second time around. When baby S hit 6 months we were eager to make things as easy as possible so i looked into BLW as a means to save all the time spent chopping, blending and shoveling.

As it turned out i was far too highly strung to do pure BLW. I found myself hovering around his highchair depositing bits of food into his mouth and feeling a bit wound up by all the mess and waste.

However, back to the point in question, when i was doing research into BLW and what foods were best to give babies at what stages i found it really hard to find a decent blog article or book that didn’t start off with a massive spoon feeding bashing session.

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