Don’t worry I’m not dead!

I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late eh? After being inundated* with concerned messages as to where I was I thought I’d better set the record straight, I can’t bear to think of people lying awake at night fretting about me.

(* I had about 3 messages you heartless bitches! )

Anyway the news is that I have been doing this…


Only my dream!

But as you can imagine writing a book with small children kicking about is pretty difficult. Not least because they don’t give a frick! This was the exact reaction I had from my boys when I told them…


One of my very favourite things about kids is their ability to keep you grounded. The next thing my eldest said was ‘Well I hope you are going to make it funny Mummy!’

No pressure or anything.

So anyway I’ve not had much time for blogging. All of my hours are going towards making this book as good as I possibly can,  so I hope you understand. However I’m about 75% done now so I should be back very soon!

The book will have about 30 chapters going from pregnancy to starting school, It will feature some of my favourite posts but the majority will be completely new material. It has been a lot of fun to write because I’ve never talked about pregnancy, birth or the early days before as I was beyond those stages when I started blogging 2.5 years ago.

Most importantly there will of course be plenty of stick people illustrations to accompany the writing! Here are a couple to wet your whistle…

Chapter 1. Growing a human


Chapter 6. How to get your baby to sleep through the night


Finally can I take the opportunity to say THANK-YOU so, so much to you all for reading, liking and sharing my blog. Without you lovely people this would have never happened so you have made one lady very happy :)

I really hope that you will enjoy it.


P.S. My new book The Catastrophic Friendship Fails of Lottie Brooks is out on the 3rd March 2022! It's aimed at 9-12 year olds and you can buy it here :)


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28 thoughts on “Don’t worry I’m not dead!

  1. Louise

    Amazing news, well done! I will definitely be ordering a copy for my toddler to draw in and the baby to chew on! Obvs I’ll try and read it but, ya know!

  2. Mum in Brum

    Haha, this post had me laughing out loud so I think I definitely need to buying the book! Congrats, you’ve done so well – even if your kids don’t realise it yet! x

  3. Lexy Smith

    Ahhhh amazing news Katie!!! Massive congrats you big poo poo head! (best reaction ever!) can’t wait to get my paws on it! xxx

  4. Marion

    That is so brilliant, you kept me laughing when all around me were humourless bloody judgey types and all the baby did was put stuff in her mouth and take it out again (with added slobber). I will buy this for every pregnant friend (if they ever stop being so selfish and join me in this wonderful tedium we call parenting)

  5. Donna

    I hope that’s an affiliate link! If Hubby doesn’t get it for me for my Birthday on 10th October I may actually cry. So proud of you Gin! Over the last few years you have made me laugh, made me cry and made me so chuffed in all that you have achieved. It’s amazing watching you living the dream :) x

  6. Chloe (Sorry About The Mess)

    Brilliant news and I couldn’t think of a more natural progression as your blog makes so many people smile and laugh and empathise, and I don’t know anyone who draws a better MS paint stick person. Can’t wait to read the book.

  7. Kate Davis

    Congratulations, that is an amazing achievement. I look forward to reading it* and telling everyone I knew you way back when we had time to spend a whole day tweeting about Postman Pat!

    * Do you think it will fit into my self development book series?

  8. Holly Vine


    I Started reading your blog a while back when I was not part of the motherhood club, but very desperately wanted to be. Your humour and honesty took the edge off the sad days when trying to become a family proved to be just a little bit too hard.

    I’m now expecting identical twin boys (yep… yep.) this summer and very much looking forward to chasing around my own crazy little men, and self medicating with gin :)


  9. Steph

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your book. So many of my friends share your posts on Facebook – you’re a household name! x

  10. Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh

    Brilliant! Book ordered, spied your don’t give a fuck dinner post being shared in abundance on FB and hopped on over to find you’ve done a book, ordered immediately! So awesome to see you / you blog go from starting out to having a book published, Luci xxx

  11. Hellyboo

    Hello! I have just discovered you and have spent a lovely few hours catching up on your blogs. My freezer is never without chicken dippers and smiley faces and mine are now 11 and 9. I am ordering 5 of your books for similarly humoured friends of mine. Thank you for being amazing!

  12. Stacey Williamson

    I just ordered a copy for my friend. I’m now going to order for ALL my friends! Your blog has gotten me through endless nights of cluster feeding a newborn. Now he’s sort of more “efficient” in the night I find myself not able to stop reading once I’ve put him back down. Who needs sleep anyway!?


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