The Chickenpox Diaries

Day 1

Text from husband…

FullSizeRender (5)

(We sometimes text using only emojis and no words because it is honestly quite funny but I realise it does sound a bit sad if you say it out loud and maybe even worse if you write it down on the internet).

Anyway turns out he means the littlest has chickenpox, tenuous at best. Never mind I am in London seeing friends. Not my problem.

Day 2

Who cares i’m in LONDON still! :)

Day 3 – Subtitle: THE DAY OF NO SLEEP

Back home now and S seems mostly ok in himself. That is until bedtime when he decides to forego sleep in place of thrashing about like a wild animal.

The only thing that calms him down is Fireman Sam. How long do you think a 2 year old would be able to stay up watching Netflix?

more sam2

Yes I was surprised too.

Day 3

We all felt rather shaky and sick as a result of the sleep deprivation and over exposure to the Dilys, Trevor and Station Officer Steele love triangle.

To ensure we got a better night J went to the pharmacy to try and hit them up for some of the good stuff.


Day 4

They worked – Had an amazing 7 hour sleep! I never sleep for that long so I feel strange… almost a bit… enthusiastic? Or something.

Luckily the boy is also much better. Although now he wants to go out and do normal stuff but we can’t because he is still infectious. I intermittently throw play-doh, chocolate and Calpol at him and try to avoid getting cracked over the back of the head with pieces of train track.

Can’t quite work out whether I prefer the sick version of him or the well one?


Day 5

Getting bored now.

Spent a high proportion of the day analysing scab progression and trying not to pick them.

I found that another fun activity to do is to calculate the amount you have paid nursery in the last month vs. the amount of sessions that were physically attended. You can then work out the actual cost per session.

Ours was £136.05!


Day 6

Very bored and in desperate need of conversation.

Feel like I might be turning into one of those nutters who ask Google questions like it’s an actual real live person.

Google – do you think nurseries keep vials of infectious diseases in secret underground laboratories in order to maximise profits? Do you like my new trainers? What are you having for lunch?

A fun day.

Day 7

We are now SCABBED OVER! Took S back to nursery but was very nervous that the thieving bastards would try and refuse him.


Luckily they seemed to have hit their quota of sick kids for the day.

Got on with trying to do a weeks worth of work in one day. Failed.

Day 8

Hurrah! We can now get out and about again which is sooooo nice (mostly).



Day 9

Everyone is much better, except me. I am a bit stressed out as I have so much to do and so little time to do it.

When I get tired and stressed I have a tendency to start crying at small things. For example realising that there is only one Nespresso capsule left in the pot. TEARS.

Actually that was a large thing.

I can face most things in life but not without coffee…


Then I remember…

We have Amazon Prime!

And I know, I just know – that everything is going to be ok…




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35 thoughts on “The Chickenpox Diaries

  1. Mummy Says

    One capsule. How is there always one capsule left when you realise you forgot to do the order? This, Katie, is my idea of hell. Great post too – ours had chicken pox one after the other and the quarantine was never bloody ending. I drank a lot of coffee and gin. Oh, and we discovered that piriton makes Jasmin hyper. She also stayed awake til 4am. It was In the Night Garden at our place. X

  2. Office mum

    As it might be wrong to laugh at something about a child being sick, I am only laughing at the Fireman Sam, the coffee issue, the pharmacy purchase and the nursery bit :)

  3. ToddlerSlave

    Amazon prime is my favourite thing in the world- I pretty much much get a parcel from them everyday, I can no longer wait for anything and if I think of anything we even remotely need its ordered within seconds! Actually maybe it’s ruining my life a bit- at least my finances!
    Another ace post that makes me feel better about life in general! Xxx

  4. Carie

    Oh that made me giggle – I remember doing the chickenpox quarantine so well – first Kitty and then a 10 week old Elma, it was a month before I could go anywhere and a trip to the butchers by myself was the height of excitement!! Just tell me this means both of yours have had it now or I shall suggest that you might like to stock up on gin!

  5. Rich

    This always give me a chuckle!

    Count yourself lucky, both my kids have had chicken pox more than once (I didn’t even know that was possible until it happened!), my youngest had it 3 times FFS!!

    All good fun ;-)

  6. PhotoPuddle

    Eight days – you wimp! I think I lost about a month to chicken pox when my two had it one after another! At least it is all over and done with now (hopefully).

  7. Alexandra @dontcallmestepmummy

    brilliant as always, I love your posts. Sounds like a stressful week, hope you manage to get back on top of everything, I know how overwhelming it can be when you get behind. Thanks for bringing so much joy and humour out of the ordinary, everyday :)

  8. Libby Price

    My 4 had it in pairs (mostly because the last 2 weren’t born when the first 2 had it!) The second of each pair came out with their first spot 2 weeks to the day from the first one.

    *pours you another gin*

    But – our nanny has worked with loads of kids with the pox and never ever had it – she is naturally immune *sends immunity vibes to your eldest*

  9. Katie @mummydaddyme

    At the risk of sounding like a bit of a groupie, I just think every post you write just gets better and better- I think this was my FAVOURITE of ALL TIME! It’s scabbed over bitches- so funny. Having just been through the chicken pox about a month ago- this is still fresh in my mind! So funny. I do love you Katie. ;) x

  10. Kerrie McGiveron

    We had this a few weeks ago. I did The Chicken Pox Report ha ha – the two of them had it! Stuck in for a week with two chicken-pox girls :) But they are scabbed over now, BITCHES! Probably dropped off all over the house – urgh YACKY!!! :)

  11. Jude

    Love this. Let’s get caffeinated – surely there’s got to be a card in that? It’s a mission statement/ life motto, that’s for sure. Glad you’re at the scabby stage. #thingsonlyparentssay

  12. Jenny

    Oh bless you my two had it together last summer, awful and I was so cabin fevered. I couldn’t live without my capsule coffee. I would definitely cry over one left. Never get it that low again darling that’s dangerous. I have an extra box in the cupboard just in case! :)

  13. Lianne

    Omg there is drugs!?? We suffered the chicken pox nightmare last week :( But the chemist oboy gave me crappy cream!!! We had a week of no sleep boooooo!! We are still scabbed up pretty bad, not sure how long the spots though!? Wish they will do one.
    Oh and the emoj’s thing, my partner and I do that all the time, it can get quite creative lol.

  14. Renee @ Mummy Tries

    This is fab, although awful too – I hope your other son stayedpox-free? That cost per session at nursery hurts doesn’t it. I went back to work from mat leave in October and have had to take four weeks off already due to sick kids, but still pay for childcare of course. Ouch!! Glad you got some more coffee ordered before it ran out xx

  15. HonestMum

    Literally crying with laughter here, you are a genius, you actually need your own show, Cbeebies for adults style. Drowsy meds are the best, for us all. Vxx

  16. Jenny

    Great post, made me giggle! Dreading my 2 getting it, O has been in contact with other kids when they were infectious, but just never caught it! Not sure I will cope so well when they do eventually get it! X

  17. Joanna

    I’ve only just spotted this, and would like to excellent planning skills with you…
    Our son came down with full on top to toe chickenpox 24 hours before I went away on tour with my choir for the weekend drinking – I mean singing really great music. By the time I came home hubby was stir crazy, child was better and I had enjoyed 3 hours sleep from staying up late ‘talking’ in the hotel bar.

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  19. Benjamin Adams

    This was hilarious and a very accurate representation of what it’s like when your kid gets chicken pox. Also, the nurseries most definitely store vials of the pox, flu and other contagious things when they decide it’s getting a bit boring up in that nursery. Got to mix it up a bit.

  20. AshleighGT

    My then 2yr7m old came home from nursery with the pox. “Unremarkable”, you think. However I had just spent that entire day bouncing on a yoga ball in labour with her baby sister. Let’s just say we were fast-tracked at the kids walk in clinic when I turned up with my belly, maternity notes and contractions :)


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