The Backstory

I got married 3 years ago today so I thought I would write a little bit about how we actually came to be married – also I was thinking that If for whatever reason we die before I document it perhaps our children won’t ever know the wondrous tale!

Actually it’s not such a great story… I would like nothing better than to tell you a tale like the one of my Mum and Dad’s. They met in a pub, sat on a staircase, him sitting on the step behind her. They got chatting, he asked for her number and a few days later having totally forgotten her name, called her lodgings and asked to speak to the ‘northern nurse’. A brave and totally uncharacteristic moment for my dad which led to mine and my sisters very existence.

Our tale was more akin to a gradual wearing down.

We met at work. Our jobs were on a similar level but he had to produce reports for me and unfortunately, probably as they were deeply dull reports, he often got them wrong.


We found each other mildly irritating for a while but slowly and surely over the course of a year we started to grow on each other.

We liked to stay up all night dancing.

rave2We were just friends but I started to realise that I didn’t enjoy things as much when he wasn’t there.

One day, after an award win at work, our company held an event to celebrate. They had loads free booze so we got drunk and snogged.

The next day everyone was hungover. I said I couldn’t believe it. No one else was surprised.


He asked me to be his girlfriend and we grew to accept each others character flaws.

I put up with his deeply geekish behaviour…


He put up with my daydreaming about rabbits…


We got a flat and a cat and felt a bit like a family. And then one December he took me to Tallinn in Estonia and proposed under the big Christmas tree in the main square.

I said yes but banned him from getting down on one knee in public.


At that very moment a small bundle of cells was starting to become a person in my tummy.

And as I wanted to wear a slinky dress and had no qualms about our bastard child being part of our big day it wasn’t until 2 years later than we actually married, with that small bundle of cells at our side.


It may not have been written in the stars but we are still here today, annoying the hell out of each other as always. Happy Anniversary J, here is to many more years sitting mute on the sofa together xxx




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34 thoughts on “The Backstory

  1. Carie

    i think it’s a great story, especially the Christmas tree in Estonia, that’s very romantic – and the gradual wearing down just seems very you!!

  2. Dean of Little Steps

    Happy Anniversary to you two! :) I remember seeing your wedding photos in one of your posts and loved all of them. You both looked so happy! Heres to many more years of annoying each other and being married to each other! :) xx

  3. brummymummyof2

    Hooray! Stephen and I got married on 22nd! We are very nearly wedding twinnies. Sigh. Lovely. I think the picture of someone puking may be my fav you have done. Have a lovely evening bab xxxxxxx

  4. Katie @mummydaddyme

    I just love every single post you write Katie- so funny. Love the muted on the sofa part. And this line made me feel a bit soppy- “We were just friends but I started to realise that I didn’t enjoy things as much when he wasn’t there.” – thats how I felt about my hubby too! Happy Anniversary doll. xx

  5. Life at the Little Wood

    So sweet! I’m so jealous of how you can write such lovely things, but be funny too – that takes serious skill Katie! :) As ever, the drawings are amazing! Xxx

  6. josandelson

    Lovely drawings Katie and very happy anniversary. Hope your Dad has put the gun down. Don’t they normally point it at the bloke? He must have been keen for you to be married! What I’m wondering is if he still calls your mum the northern nurse?
    Have a gorgeous holidays and ‘see you’ next year X Jo (Jeff)

  7. Jess Paterson

    It’s just like a Mills and Boon! Love it, Katie and happy anniversary! Attrition – the underrated romantic technique. Hope you have a marvo Christmas with your two little bundles of cells and their lovely geekazoid pops! xxx

  8. Emma McAvoy

    My husband and I (now married 7.5 years) got together via drunken snog on a work night out. Then got engaged 6 weeks later when we were sat in our pajamas in bed one night and he said “shall we get married then?” And I laughed because I thought he was joking….
    When people ask us how we got engaged I think they expect something more romantic!

    I think a Christmas tree proposal in Estonia is lovely,.
    Congratulations on your anniversary

  9. MrsMorrisMinor

    Happy anniversary! It’s our fourth tomorrow….and we are currently sat on the sofa in the same way as you as I read this!!

  10. Carry on katy

    Aw! Lush!
    I was knocked up at my wedding. I wore a massive white tent from a knocked-up bridal shop and my honeymoon was in Newquay where it rained and I could only drink soda water as my husband got shit faced on tequila.
    I loves a romantic story! Happy anniversary xx


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