A Family Portrait For March

So many beautiful days this month and so many wonderful photo opportunities, all blighted by naps, horrible moods or sheer absent mindedness.

We ended up taking our family portrait for March on the last possible day, in the only time slot available – breakfast. So we are not dressed and i am looking rather rough au natural. But never mind, i quite like it, it’s nice for the photos to tell a little story i think.


Mothers day involved a nice lie in, breakfast, bath and papers, a couple of almighty tantrums, a lovely lunch at my sisters with my mum, dad and niece, lots of trampolining and a good few bottles of fizz.


Are you wondering what is in the present? F chose me a pony called Pinkie Pie, now renamed Lightening McQueen, like every other god damn thing in the house :)


I am ending the day feeling a little lot tipsy and a very, very lot lucky :)

This post is linked up to the very lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful’s family portrait project, a great way to make sure you get a monthly family snap :) click the button below to read more posts or join in.

dear beautiful
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35 thoughts on “A Family Portrait For March

  1. josandelson

    Champagne on the table. I like to think this is an everyday breakfast for you guys. Also. *rough* ahem. In twenty years you will look at this photo and think “I am not looking rough, I am looking younger than my sons are now”. Bet you a fiver x

  2. suzanne3childrenandit

    Sounds positively divine my dear – lucky you! I am liking the look of that bubbly…did you sup a glass whilst wallowing in the bath? That’s my idea of heaven! I got two keyrings (don’t ask) from my daughters and very little else….not so much as a hand-picked daffodil from the garden here. Not that I’m bitter. Honest!

  3. Donna

    Love this post – I love that you had the dedication to take a photo on the last day you could and in having that dedication posted a photo of you not yet dressed and without make up! You look like such a lovely family and I love your kitchen too! x

  4. Katie @mummydaddyme

    Funnily enough, I think that bottom one is my favourite of yours so far. I wish I looked that good au natural. I look like I have been dug up out the ground. ;) I love your little family portrait, it’s gorgeous, and very special that it was taken on Mothers Day too. Love the choice of the pony, Mads has got a few My Little Ponies- very retro. ;)

  5. Rachel - 3yearsandhome

    I love these family pics. And you look fab ‘au natural’. You wouldn’t be able to see me for the dark bags under my eyes if I took a shot first thing in the morning. I have to confess that I’m a little bit jealous about the pony. I’d quite like one for myself now.

  6. Colette B

    GORGEOUS photos! Reading these posts is making me realise I need to try and get more photos of us as a family!

  7. Jenny

    Gorgeous me & mine march pictures. How do you get your gorgeous family to all look at the camera and smile. Just stunning! I love these!

  8. cariemay

    Aww it’s a gorgeous photo – and I love Lightening McQueen the pony! At least now when he says he wants to play Lightening McQueen you can get out your pink pony rather than a race car!!

  9. dearbeautifulboy

    Ahhh, this is such a perfect “Mothers Day morning” shot. You look so thrilled with you bubbas and your gifts.
    And can I just say I love your kitchen… so my taste!!! x

    dear beautiful

  10. Caro

    I agree that it’s nice for photos to tell a story – and to capture life how it really, truly is. I wish I looked as good first thing in the morning. And, come to think of it, that my breakfast table looked so good. It’s usually smeared with copious amounts of food!

  11. helloitsgemma

    Nice kitchen, there is no way on earth my oh would appear on my blog.
    Love theses snaps – mostly cos I’m nosy.
    The pony is freaking me out. Those things are weird. Strange eyes.


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