This week we have mostly been face planting

Like a lot of second time mums i have not been looking forward to the crawling stage this time around. However baby S is now way past the happily lying under the baby gym cooing stage and now at the desperate to crawl so unhappy all the time because he can’t work it out stage.


*Caveat – photo’s make it look like he’s having fun but that’s because i’m not taking ones of the times he face plants hard onto his nose or into one of his brothers hot wheels – that does not a happy baby make.

The way i see it now is that running around after him and constantly picking up chocking hazards can’t possibly be any worse than listening to the non stop whinging!

He can get up on all fours, rock around, put his hands forward, put his knees forward – just um, not with the right level of co-ordination. I forget how long it took from this stage, I’m thinking he must have it down by 2 weeks right? Any idea’s? Come on baby!


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6 thoughts on “This week we have mostly been face planting

  1. cariemay

    If it’s any consolation Elma got it really quickly from that stage! I remember willing her on because the face bumping didn’t seem like much fun, and it was all new to us because her sister started with commando crawling and slowly worked her way up, she never really went for the rock-rock-splat!

  2. katie @mummydaddyme

    We are at a similar stage here- she is desperate to be on the move but so far can only very slowly drag her feet to get to where she wants to go. I just want to keep her my little baby forever so I do feel a bit bittersweet to get to the crawling stage. And I can’t imagine having two little people to watch when they are careering off in different directions! ;)

  3. franglaisemummy

    C has just made it out the other end of the crawling tunnel, and it seemed to take much longer than her older sister, so grab that patience by the hand, you might be needing it! Having said that she’s still doing her fair share of face planting despite being an able crawler now.


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