Weaning dread – the second time around.

So we have started the joys of weaning and I must admit I have been dreading it. So far Seth has been breastfed and although I struggled at first, now for the most part, it’s a breeze.

So as our little guy starts to grow into the next stage of his babyhood my head hurts with all the practicalities. I have totally forgotten everything from last time around!

When should you introduce finger food? When can they have meat? Do you give food before or after milk? Can someone just write me a new routine? How the hell am I supposed to cart around all the extra paraphernalia along with the copious changes of clothes for a potty training toddler?! And the mess, oh the mess.

So yes to say I am excited about the prospect would be a gross exaggeration and the littlest seems to agree thus far with his what the hell are you trying to do to me type face he keeps pulling.

photo(3) photo(4)

Ah well he’s just over 5.5 months so its just first tastes at the minute but I have a feeling from the way he is ferociously grabbing at the spoon he will be keener to feed himself with finger food when he is a little bigger.

I’m really hoping to avoid making specific things for him anyway and get both boys eating the same as soon as possible. As much as anything i don’t have enough room in the freezer to house a multitude of frozen vegetable cubes! If your a 2nd/3rd/4th time mum reading this and have any tips for making the process easier I’d be really glad to hear them!


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5 thoughts on “Weaning dread – the second time around.

  1. TalesofaTwinMum

    That’s exactly how I felt this time around weaning for the second (well, third really) time. I’d forgotten everything, apart from the hassle of blending up veg and storing endless ice cube trays and pots in the freezer. We’ve done a combination of baby led weaning and spoon feeding with Eva and it has been a breeze compared with the purees I used to make for my boys. She eats anything and everything and they still (at 3.5) eat nothing much at all! Good luck – it’ll all come back to you and between you you’ll figure it out! xx

    1. hurrahforgin

      Yep i’m hoping to do a mixture of both and avoid making specific purees as much as possible – i hate blenders!! Glad your little girl is doing so well :) x

  2. Katie (@mummydaddyme)

    I could have completely written this post myself! Completely! I am dreading weaning LL, who will be six months next week. I keep putting it off. Breastfeeding is so easy, and I love doing it. I am going to miss doing it exclusively and weaning while trying to sort out meal times for a toddler fills me with dread! ;) I am hoping to do a mixture of BLW and TW. Ugh it makes me feel funny just thinking about it! x

    1. hurrahforgin

      Ha ha – i was so excited first time around too! Our babies must be pretty similar in age :)

      Seth has actually started to eat a little in the last couple of days – without being too graphic there has been a change of consistency in the nappies!. He is having a few spoonfuls of mush for breakfast and tea but have no idea how to do lunch as that’s often when we are out and about. Headache!

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